Áine Greaney


Boston author and essayist from Ireland

Writing Workshops for Health and Wellness

Interactive workshops for employee or clinician self-care programs. Also ideal for staff professional development, wellness retreats and writing conferences.     

As a  lifelong journal keeper, I believe that we must write and fight for our own daily wellness.  I also believe that writing and storytelling are a route to finding our own voice and, ultimately, our place in the world. 

Lucky me! I've been privileged to lead creative and wellness-writing workshops with adults and teens for over 17 years.

Also, I've presented at two national conferences, and I served as a story coach for Baypath University's Women's Leadership conference. 

I hold a master's in English, a bachelor's in teaching, and I've received intensive training in narrative medicine from institutions such as Columbia University's Narrative Medicine Program and the University of Cape Town Medicine and the Humanities Certificate. 

With almost 20 years’ experience working in healthcare communications,  I have extensive training in HIPAA laws, PHI identifiers, clinical boundaries and journalistic ethics.

See that last part? That's really, really important. When we’re writing about our own or a loved one’s illness or well being, the writing environment must be safe and supportive  and legal.   

Email me to discuss what topic or workshop series may be suitable for your staff. I'm also happy to collaborate on your grant-writing applications or proposals to bring narrative arts workshops to your non-profit.  

See my complete profile at the New England Foundation for the Arts Creative Ground page. 

Meanwhile, here are some ready-to-go workshop ideas:

Good Writing. Good Health – Journaling, micro essays and other wellness writing. Includes short illustrative readings, podcasts and videos. There’s also lots of opportunity for participant writing and tips for getting published.

Writing The Personal Essay  - Learn the craft of penning a personal essay that tells your first-person story and also makes a universal point about our shared humanity. Primarily a ‘how-to’ workshop, this also offers a chance for readings, discussion, peer review.   

Here's What I Think  - Personal essays, Op-Eds and other advocacy writing for healthcare, immigrant rights and social service clinicians and executive leaders of small non-profits.

Just the Facts, Ma'am - Truth, lies and ethics in writing the personal or memoir essay. How much do we reveal about ourselves? How much do we withhold? How much can we ever write about family, patients, colleagues and ourselves? This workshop will attempt to answer these questions and empower writers to apply a ‘do-no-harm’ ethos when writing nonfiction.  

Want Some Media with That? Fan of The MOTH or StoryCorps? Learn how to engage your audience via storytelling and audio essays. Or get the skills to create memorable photo essays, blog posts and video clips.  Or why not create a multi-media piece that showcases your visual arts skills and your unique storytelling voice? 

Email me to set up a consultation or to discuss a workshop for your organization or wellness conference. 

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