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suggested Topics for Reader Discussions

... (Green Card) is a serious contribution to the literature of immigration in our times ...
— James Silas Rogers, Editor, author, Irish American Biography

5 Readers’ Discussion Points on Green Card

1. Immigration as a physical, legal and existential journey

2. The white, English-speaking immigrant’s lesser burden—what we long-term, tenured immigrants must do for our newcomers

3. Issues of fear, displacement, dueling cultures and happy or ambivalent citizenship (see longer list of discussion points below)

4. The process of collecting our short works into a book-length collection

5. The personal essay: What it is. What it’s not.

More Discussion Points on Topics of Citizenship and Belonging

(These are adapted from Wising Up Press’s anthology, “Complex Allegiances: Constellations of Immigration, Citizenship & Belonging”)

  1. What personal experiences have made you interested in immigration? Have these experiences confirmed or challenged your assumptions about immigration? Citizenship? Cultural identity? Belonging?

  2. Do you think that naturalized citizens or permanent residents have as much insight to contribute to immigration discussions as do native-born citizens? Why? Why not?

  3. Do you think anything you say or do can influence immigration policies? Improve social cohesion in your community? In the country as a whole?

For a complete list of discussion questions on the topic of immigration, citizenship and belonging, visit my publisher’s website.


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