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For July 4th: My 4 Tips for Beginner Writers

Last week I was the featured writer at the Baypath University's MFA in Creative Nonfiction program blog.  I am proud to be among the MFA program's diverse teaching faculty. 

This summer, I'm teaching a class on health and wellness writing--a topic that is close to my own heart. 

Read the complete blog interview here

The interviewer also asked me for my top four tips for emerging writers. 

So ... in preparation for July 4th, here are my top four tips: 

1.     Courage: It takes courage to write. So you better have some or go get some. Push yourself to do one daring thing each week, to write beyond your comfort zone and your fears.

2.    Commitment:  If you’re serious about being a writer, let it take priority in your life. Or at least place it among the top three things that matter. You will never advance your career if you keep letting other things or people eclipse it. 

3.     Write what you can:  If you can only manage 400 words before work, then that’s what you do.  The 12-hour writing marathon is great if you can manage it. But most of us can’t. So write what you can—even if it’s just to doodle some ideas. 

4.     Run away from your life.   I go on writer's retreat a few times per year, and it never fails to jumpstart my love affair with the written word and gives me that courage I need. Away from distractions, I also get a lot done.

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