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Jodi Picoult, Luanne Rice, Glen Cook: Your writing tips, please!

Are these facts or urban legend rumors?  Novelist Luanne Rice writes a book per year. Ditto for Jodi Picoult.  And here's a definite one: I read that SciFi and fantasy novelist, Glen Cook has already cranked out 40 books during his career--most of them while he worked full time at General Motors. Fact or fiction, if these book-per-year outputs are all true, then pass me the paper bag--to put over my shameful head.

Actually, I'm not so much in awe of these writers' productivity as their dexterity in being able to complete one project and get stuck into the next.  Or is it an overlapping, relay-race process? In other words, as one book awaits publication, the author is already drafting the next?

I don't know. I wish I knew.


My second novel, DANCE LESSONS was launched on April 1, 2011. That's four months ago. In Rice and Picoult years, that's a third of a new book. Have I written a third of my next project? Hah!

Last week, I wrote a guest post on this topic for the wonderful literary blog, Savvy Verse and Wit. Until I sat down to pen that piece about the après publication period, I didn't realize just how strange and direction-less this fallow time actually is.

So I'm having a strange old fallow time. And in some ways, it's kind of fun. But scattered.

How about you? Can you effortlessly switch projects? Write in more than one genre at a time? Or is there a regrouping phase in between?

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