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The Studio Tour: How Mega Busy Writers Make it Work

Write every day. Show don't tell.  Mind your online manners. So go the writers' yada, yada's.  But honestly, is there anything more monotonous than some author doing the preachy-preachy about the writing process and craft? While I was writing and researching Writer with a Day Job, I wanted to include these advice staples--yes--but I also wanted to set up a kind of virtual studio tour in which readers could watch and eavesdrop on some busy writers at work.

Here are the book's complete, uncut author interviews, as well as a bio on each writer and a link to each writer's website.  From California to Massachusetts, from New Orleans (that's a whole state by itself, right?) to New York, these writers speak to that tightrope walk of writing, working and/or parenting.

A warm thank-you to all who participated.  Read their smart words, visit their websites and let them know how much you appreciate their savvy advice.

They are (in alpha order):

Debra Anderson - San Diego

Brunonia Barry  - Massachusetts

John Brehm - Colorado

Monica Carter - Los Angeles

Stephanie Cowell - New York City

Susanne Dunlap  - New York City

Laurie Lee Drummond  - Oregon

Karl Iagnemma  - Boston

Naomi Feigelson Chase  - New York and Cape Cod

Sharon Charde - Connecticut

Katherine Hauswirth - Connecticut

Ava Haymon - Baton  Rouge

Ted Mitchell (writing as T.J. Alexian), Massachusetts

Kitty Gogins - Minnesota

Holly Robinson - Massachusetts

Annette Harper - New Orleans

Meredith Hall - Maine

Reba Elliott - Washington, DC

Mark Greaney - Memphis

Gabriel Valjan - Boston

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