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North Shore of Boston via Ireland

For Book Groups

Looking for your club’s next good book choice? For a thoughtful, evocative read, choose Dance Lessons as your group pick.

I’m happy to visit your book group or to participate in a lively discussion or presentation. Or if we can’t manage an in-person author visit, let’s do it by Skype or teleconference.

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Dance Lessons Discussion Outline:

The Story:

  • How the story got created--the plot, the characters, the timelines
  • The writing process: Why did this novel take 7 years to write?
  • How many re-writes?

The Book’s Female Characters: Jo, Ellen and Cat (plus the supporting cast)

  • As the book evolved, which characters got to stay? Who got ditched?
  • Why is the main character American?
  • Why are the main characters from three separate generations? Ellen is 39. Jo is 84. Cat is 14. Is the interplay between the generations and the distinct but overlapping women’s experiences intentional? Integral to the book’s story?
  • Cat is a relatively minor character. Yet, the book is named for her weekly hip-hop dance lessons? * Why?

The Setting:

  • An illustrated presentation on the west of Ireland and its lake country
  • An illustrated presentation on Boston’s North Shore

The History:

  • The 1980s and the most recent (historically documented) migration of the Irish to America
  • The 1950s in Ireland and the last of the arranged, dowried marriages
  • The social structures and strictures of post-Colonial Ireland
  • The transatlantic issues of women and family obligations: The 1950s, 1980s, and the 21st century

The Publishing Process:

  • How a good literary publisher is hard to find--but worth the wait and the search

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