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Leading Creative Writing Workshops and Writing Stuff for 20+ years.

North Shore of Boston via Ireland

Practice expressive and wellness writing to enhance your career and everyday life

Practice expressive and wellness writing to enhance your career and everyday life

Writing Workshops on the North Shore of Boston

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About My Creative Writing Workshops (North of Boston, Merrimack Valley and New England)

Writing Workshops for Wellness, Advocacy and Self-Empowerment

Writing Workshops for Wellness, Advocacy and Self-Empowerment

I have been leading creative writing workshops and classes with adults and teens for over 17 years. I teach on the North Shore, locations in the Merrimack Valley and in New York and New England.

As well as a degree in teaching, a master's in English and extensive experience in writing, editing and publishing, I have an in-born capacity to listen, inquire and empathize.  

Online Learning and In-Person Workshops

I believe in delivering a value-packed, content-rich class in which each student gets to work toward his or her defined and targeted learning outcomes. I also have training and a background in narrative medicine, and I have developed and delivered curricula via in-person and online learning platforms or distance learning.

Scroll down for testimonials from recent and past workshop participants.  

See my complete profile at the New England Foundation for the Arts Creative Ground page. 

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Workshop Fees

The fees vary and are always affordable. Also, see details (below) about my free workshop on advocacy writing (OpEds, opinion essays) for immigrant advocacy and refugee support nonprofits.

Testimonials on Creative Writing Workshops

If you ever get a chance to meet Ms. Greaney or attend one of her workshops, I highly recommend it. She is a delight to listen to ... very clear and demanding speaker who holds your attention, makes you laugh, and says a lot of very true things that make you think, and keep thinking ... the overall impression is of kindness, hilarity, and respect.
— Participant, Unicorn Writers Conference, CT
You really seemed to connect with all of us in the audience, and you said so many things that made sense to me as a writer.
— Participant, National Writers Digest Conference, New York City
I thought you led a fabulous group and got us all going into areas we didn’t even suspect we’d travel to in the course of a day and a half. I do appreciate a really good workshop leader, and you are among the very best
— Student, The Cape Cod Writers Center
Aine’s the best! She really cares about your writing and helps you to work toward publishing.
— Student, Emerson College Writing and Publishing
I don’t know how you did it, but you got me writing again.
Student, New Hampshire Writers Project

Free (Yes, Free!) Writing Workshops for Immigrant Advocacy Organizations and Nonprofits

As someone who has come through the U.S. immigration system, I plan to offer my advocacy-writing workshop pro-bono (no fee) to Boston-area groups or non-profits who support immigrant rights or provide advocacy-related services for immigrants and refugees.  Contact me for details.

Words After Work: A Series of Writing Workshops for Those Who Work a Day Job

The 'Words After Work' writing workshop series aims to advance  your writing skills in personal, advocacy and non-fiction writing.

As well as learning, these workshops are a way to convene smart, funny and socially aware writers to share voices and resources.  

Other Creative Writing Workshop Topics

Writing Personal Essays -  Learn how to write personal essays that tell your story and make a point about our shared humanity  

Medical Narrative, Op-Eds and Other Expressive Writing for Healthcare Clinicians

Nonfiction for Newbies: An introduction to writing personal essays, micro essays and other nonfiction writing (that isn't reportage or journalism). For those who are beginning writers or switching genres. 

A Clean, Smooth Finish  - Learn how to make those final edits to fine-tune your work to catch an editor's eye

Writing Scenes -  Whether you’re writing a personal essay or a fictional story, live-action scenes are the building blocks of your narrative. Learn what makes a scene come alive and really ‘work’ within that story. 

Note: I also design curriculum for specific audiences and programs. Email me if you have a defined need or concept.  Check my workshops on health and wellness writing.

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