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Green Card & Other Essays: A collection of first-person essays on immigration

Green Card & Other Essays (a book on immigration)

“… An acutely serious contribution to the literature of immigration in our times.”

James Silas Rogers, Author, Irish-American Autobiography

Praise for Green Card & Other Essays

Praise for Green Card from Sandra Hunter, Author, Trip Wires

Aine Greaney’s deft, subtle, and deceptively quiet essays lead from the every day incident to the heart-breaking but never sentimental examination of the nexus of identity and “home.” She dexterously shows the immigrant glancing back to her past even as she looks to the uncertainties of the present and hope of acceptance. In this collection, the reader can also find that the foreign becomes warmly familiar.

Praise for Green Card from James Silas Rogers, Author,  Irish-American Autobiography and editor, New Hibernia Review 

True, this book is a delight to read—but please don’t let the good humor, the deft turns of phrase, the endearing bemusement, and obvious likeability of the author fool you: Green Card is an acutely serious contribution to the literature of immigration in our times. 

Áine Greaney’s deeply interior vignettes also look outward, asking us to rethink something  at the heart of the American experience, the psychic and societal consequences of being an American–in-process in a nation that is itself in process.

The Merrimack Valley Magazine

Read the MVM’s complete review of Green Card here:

Green Card” explores what it means to be an immigrant. The essays, set in Ireland and the U.S., probe deeply into identity, heritage and the necessity of human connection across borders. Perhaps the book’s greatest strength is Greaney’s voice itself: heartfelt, honest and intimate; the essays read like a conversation with an old friend.

Where to Buy Green Card

Green Card and Other Essays will be available for pre-order from the publisher’s website (lower cost) and from Amazon.

Also, if you live on the North Shore of Massachusetts (or you’re visiting us), the book is currently at Jabberwocky Books, The Tannery Marketplace, 50 Water Street, Newburyport 01950.

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Dance Lessons - Novel


A contemporary novel set in rural Ireland and greater Boston, released in April 2011. Order the book from your local independent bookstore or get hard copy and Kindle online.  I retain T.V. and film rights. Inquires here.

Shortlisted for the Rubery International Book Award (U.K.) and selected as a Top Ten Irish Summer Read by IrishCentral. Placed second in the literary fiction category of the IndieLit awards.  It was also one of 20 books chosen by the Women's National Book Association for National Reading Group Month. 

A beautiful examination of three women’s lives, this novel deftly explores both relationships and solitude, with Ireland’s gorgeous countryside as backdrop. — Booklist

The author is able to capture emotional nuance with minimal flourish; her characters emerge as strong individuals confronting unexpected pain. — Publishers Weekly

Dance Lessons is filled with longing, and redemption. It is also filled with beauty and promise. The writing is lovely and poignant and begs the reader’s empathy. Dance Lessons will leave the reader wanting more. — Story Circle Book Reviews

There are moments when the beauty of Áine Greaney’s prose dominates all else: gently rhythmic sentences, descriptions of sights and sounds and smells that stimulate the reader’s senses. At other times the hushed drama of futile hopes and despairing lives prevails. Greaney makes subtle changes in the narrative voice as the novel shifts from rural to urban, from the United States to Ireland to England, from older characters to younger ones. Both in prose style and in content, Greaney crafted a mesmerizing novel. Rating: Highly Recommended — Tzer Island Book Reviews

Dance Lessons progresses fluidly, albeit slowly, through past, present, and even future. This is not a fast paced story, nor do I think it should have been. There are some surprises thrown in along the way …. All in all, Aine Greaney’s Dance Lessons is a perfect choice for book groups. There’s plenty to talk about and the setting is amazing. — Roundtable Book Reviews

I LOVED this novel — the setting is beautiful and charming but the characters are really what captivated me. They are well drawn with a depth that includes their faults but also what they could not help — the legacy forced upon them. I highly recommend this book! — Books in the City

Published in 2014: Short Stories Set in Ireland (E-books from Pixel Hall Press)

Two EBooks from Pixel Hall Press, a small press that specializes in short fiction.  



Snow is a short story set in a one-street town in the middle of Ireland.

It's about Dolores, an expatriate woman who is summoned home to Ireland to care for her sick and estranged father.

Download “Snow” to your Kindle or e-reader for 99c.

“... Aine Greaney did a superb job of delving into the psyche of a marriage. When the story ended, I couldn't quit thinking about it.”


La Belle Femme

Set in Galway, Ireland, La Belle Femme is a Irish short story told from opposite points of view,.

Moira and Alan, both middle-aged, and both married to other people, have used their every-other-month business trips to conduct a long-term illicit affair.

During one rainy summer, Moira's marriage implodes, while Alan and his wife suffer empty-nest syndrome. Unknown to the other, each decides to finally end their years' long tryst. But after all these years,neither has a clue how to end it truthfully.

Download “La Belle Femme” to your Kindle or e-reader for 99c.

“... Aine Greaney did a superb job of delving into the psyche of a marriage. When the story ended, I couldn't quit thinking about it.”

Read more about Snow and La Belle Femme.  

The Sheepbreeders Dance and Other Stories


Is a short collection of short fiction published by Flume Press. The book was selected for the Flume Press fiction prize, 2006.


The Big House


 Set in a remote village in the west of Ireland, the story  opens when John McHugh, a wealthy expatriate developer, buys and starts to refurbish the village's Downton-Abbey-styled house. 

What ensues is a pitched battle between the old and the new, the native and newly arrived, between history and forgetting. Added to the excitement is the reluctant romance between John the developer and Susan, the great granddaughter of the house's last British land agent, who has returned to Ireland looking for her family's Colonial-era roots. 

One thing is sure: The tiny, gossipy village of Rathloe is never going to be quite the same again.

It is now out of print, though some used copies are available through Amazon. I retain T.V. and film rights, which can be arranged via my agent. 


Im Honiglicht


The German language version of The Big house, published by Blanvalet, an imprint of Random House. It’s also available through Amazon. I have a copy on my bookshelves, but unfortunately, I do not read German.

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