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North Shore of Boston via Ireland

Author Biography

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Áine Greaney is an Irish-born author who never published anything until she emigrated from Ireland to America, alone, at age 24.  

Since then (1986), she has published five books. Her shorter works have been published and broadcast in the U.S., Ireland, the U.K. and Canada in publications such as Creative Nonfiction, NPR/WBUR, The Boston Globe Magazine, Numero Cinq, Salon, The Drum, New Hibernia Review, Litro Magazine, Cyphers, Books Ireland and other outlets.

Her awards and shortlists include a citation in Best American Essays. Also, “Sanctuary,” her essay about family bereavement, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her second novel, Dance Lessons, was one of 20 chosen by the National Women’s Book Association for National Reading Group Month. Among her other writing awards and shortlists are the Hennessy Award for New Irish Writing, The Fish Anthology, the Rubery International Book Award, the Frank O'Connor Award, the Irish News Short Story Award and Indie Lit 2011.

In addition to writing, she has presented or co-presented at national and regional conferences and participated in discussion panels.  

GREEN CARD & OTHER ESSAYS maps Greaney’s journey from being a 24-year-old immigrant landing alone in a huge new country to becoming a newly-minted and ambivalent U.S. citizen registered to vote in, and write about, life in that country.  

A blend of introspective, memoir and opinion essays, Greaney’s work offers a window into the issues faced by all immigrants from all countries.

Key Topics and Talking Points

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