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Irish Author

Leading Creative Writing Workshops and Writing Stuff for 20+ years.

North Shore of Boston via Ireland

Advocacy Writing

Advocacy for Nonprofits and Social Justice Causes

Advocacy for Nonprofits and Social Justice Causes

Opinion and Advocacy Writing for Nonprofits

After 20+ years of working for nonprofits, I would like to share my expertise and success in writing and publishing opinion essays, Op-Eds and other advocacy narratives for healthcare, immigrant rights, women’s rights and other social justice causes.

The Stories Behind Your Cause: Personal and Inspiring Profiles

I can also train you on how to give a face to the statistics and your non-profit mission. Learn how to ethically and appropriately write profiles of your patients or persons served by your organization.

Free Workshop (Yes, free!) for Nonprofits Who Support Immigrant, Asylum and Refugee Rights

As someone who has come through the U.S. immigration system, this is my way of giving back. So I am proud to offer this two-hour advocacy-writing workshop pro-bono (no fee) to local organizations that support or advocate for immigrant or refugee rights in the USA.

Contact me to set up your free staff development workshop.

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